Myths, Misunderstandings And Lies About Botox Treatment

We all have faced that awkward moment when a friend posts a picture of us – that makes us look ten years older than our age. Before you even realize it, you are standing in front of the mirror looking at yourself, pulling and stretching your skin trying to see if you really look that old.

Depression takes over when you do a quick Google search and realize that the time machine has still not been invented and you won’t be turning back twenty or thirty again. But then something clicks your mind and you realize that anti-aging skin care has advanced over the passage of time. And, all you need to do is find a good physician near your area who can take off years from your face with one simple Botox injection. Botox treatment is very common these days and almost everyone is getting it done. Though medical science has advanced a lot there is always room for doubts and misunderstandings.

Does It Really Work?

One of the most common questions about Botox treatment is, “Will it work?” Many times people get confused whether they should get a Botox treatment or not. Mainly this confusion is due to the stories and rumors they have heard about the treatment which are completely myth.

Here we have debunked thirteen myths about the Botox treatment:

Myth#1 – Botox Turns You Into An Emotionless Zombie

According to the rumor, when you get a Botox treatment you won’t be able to show any expression. This is not at all true! If the treatment is done properly and naturally, Botox will allow you to express emotions and look great. You can easily express the emotion of happiness which will make you look amazing. Emotions of sadness and anger can be reduced because these emotions cause furrows which are diminished. This is good as studies show the less you feel angry the less unhappy and depressed you are.

Myth#2 -Dermal Fillers And Botox Are Same

Though both of these treatments reduce the appearance of wrinkles, Dermal Fillers and Botox both are two different treatments and function in a different manner. Dermal Fillers adds volume to the facial tissues and restores its giving you a youthful look, while Botox eases the muscles that produce wrinkles.

Myth#3 – Botox Injections Are Highly Toxic For The Face

Another myth is that Botox is harmful for your body. Well that’s not true, any reputable doctor will never ever inject anything into your body that is harmful for your health. When injected into your body in the right proportions, just like any other drug Botox is safe for your skin and body.

Myth#4 – Botox Injections Are Extremely Painful

Botox injections are not as painful as they are thought to be. Similar to Dermal fillers the pain felt from Botox injection is manageable. Botox treatment is also known as “lunch break injection” because it’s a simple and quick procedure and doesn’t have any interruptions in between.

Myth#5 – Botox Makes You An Addict

Chances are that after getting a Botox treatment you will feel so good that the outcome from the treatment will make you feel amazing. It’s possible that you will want to have repeated treatment after every six months to maintain that fabulous appearance, but it’s next to impossible that your body will feel addicted to the Botox treatment.

Myth#6 – Dermal Filler And Botox Will Make You Look Unnatural

If you are scared or worried that after getting a Botox treatment or Dermal Filler you will look unnatural, then don’t fret. All this depends on the surgeon you choose, if the doctor you selected for the treatment is an experienced one, then he will know to inject the right amount of dosage that will not make you look unnatural.

Myth#7 – Botox Is A Precarious Poison

Completely untrue! Many people think that Botox is a man made product and is dangerous for skin, but in reality Botox is actually a natural ingredient. It is completely safe to use, when injected in the right dosage.

Myth#8 – Botox Injection Requires A lot Of Downtime

A Botox treatment doesn’t require any downtime; however it is recommended that you should not lie down for the first few hours after the procedure. On the other hand, dermal fillers may result in minor bruising and swelling, but your doctor will suggest some treatment to subside it.

Myth#9 – Once You Get A Botox You Won’t Stop

The myth that Botox will make you all crazy and addicted is false. Yes, you might not want to stop getting the treatment because you may love the fabulous look, but you can always stop if you feel like without any negative effects on the skin.

Myth#10 – Botox Will Move In Your Body And Infect Other Parts

Botox is designed in such a way that it doesn’t travel more than a centimeter of the area in which it is injected. In simple words, if you got a Botox for the eyes you won’t find it in your hands.

Alcohol Rehab Northern Virginia: A Hope For Successful Recovery!

A rehab center is a hope for millions of people affected by addiction to alcohol and drugs. It is important to understand that addiction of any kind faced by many people today is also a disorder which can be treated at a rehab center. There is an addiction treatment which helps individuals recover from their addiction and lead a normal life. Yet, there are many who do not undergo drug rehab and lose the precious time of their life suffering from this disorder for a very long time. This condition not only affects the individuals but also has an adverse impact on their families, relatives, and friends. So, choosing the right rehab center for the affected person is essential at the right time.

The recovery time in drug rehabilitation and alcohol Rehab Northern Virginia varies from one person to another. Many also require more than one kind of treatment in order to recover completely from their addiction. The success of the treatment at a rehab center also depends on the cooperation of the individual and the support of their families. It should also be kept in mind that drug addiction is a chronic disorder which can also relapse due to which taking treatment just once may not be sufficient. So, it usually involves treatment for a longer duration as well as few intermittent treatments according to their effect and response of an individual.

Advantages of a alcohol rehab Northern Virginia:

* It provides various types of treatments to suit the needs of individuals affected by drug addiction.

* It also helps the addicts live in a clean and appropriate environment which makes them forget their worries of daily life and relax and recover through various treatments.

* People with similar conditions when made to live together in a residential rehab center also learn many positive skills and thoughts from each other. It is a learning experience for many and seeing everybody around recover also gives them the hope and motivation to recover soon.

* Apart from the treatment and medication that a rehab center provides to an addict, there is also a great amount of emotional and physical support that they get from the caring staff. These factors help the addicts recover at the center. They always instill a positive attitude and motivate the addicts, which becomes a strong source of hope making them recover at a faster pace.

* Addicts also suffer from withdrawal symptoms during the course of their treatment which can be a very difficult and stressful period. A rehabilitation center is of great help during this time as their professional approach ensures the health and safety of the addict.

* The counseling sessions at the center are also an eye opener for many addicts who have experienced suffering from their addiction mostly in isolation. The expert guidance at such centers plays a vital role in the recovery process.

Identifying the need of your loved ones for drug rehabilitation and taking them to a rehab center is very essential and should not be ignored. Help them recover from this disorder and live a healthy and normal life.

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

Recently, researchers have found that many people who have addictions to drugs or alcohol also have at least one personality disorder. This makes managing both very demanding. To make things even worse, overlapping symptoms often make diagnosis complicated. Finding a successful treatment can be complicated, too. The addiction and the mental disorder have to be treated simultaneously if the patient hopes to avoid a relapse.

Does Mental Illness Create the Abuse Problem?

Most of the time, the psychiatric problem occurs first. Then co occurring disorders, in an attempt to feel better, the person self-medicates with drugs or alcohol or both which then leads to a dependency on the substance. In other cases, drug or alcohol dependency can lead to depression, anxiety and other more severe emotional and mental problems.

Some statistics regarding dual diagnosis and co occurring disorders indicate:

53% of drug users and 37% or alcohol abusers have at least one serious mental disorder

50% of people with severe mental disorders also are substance abusers

16% of all jail and prison inmates are estimated to have severe mental and substance abuse disorders 

Because indicators of one disorder can imitate symptoms of the other disorder, diagnosis is difficult. Many of the symptoms of a person suffering from drug abuse, such as anxiety, depression, paranoia, delusions and hallucinations, are similar to symptoms of mental illness. Professionals who treat people with a dual diagnosis can easily underestimate the severity of the person’s drug or alcohol problem. Often, even the families are not completely aware of how bad the problem is.

Reasons for this are:

Drug abusers can use substances without their families or friends knowing about it

Symptoms of drug abuse and mental are so similar it is hard to separate the two

It takes time to untangle the effects of the two conditions

Often, mental health services are not prepared to deal with people who have both afflictions, especially when only one of the problems has been identified. Then, if both problems are identified, the person may be bounced from services for mental illness to services for their substance abuse. Uncoordinated services create a gap for a person with co-occurring disorders.

Dealing with substance abuse is a complex process for many. Dealing with mental disorders is also complicated. Not only are there psychological factors and the physical addiction, there is the social stigma attached to drug addiction or alcohol abuse. 

Drug Insurance

How to Accurately Choose a Drug Insurance addiction treatment Rehab That Fits Your Needs

nsurance addiction treatment

nsurance addiction treatment

nsurance addiction treatment

Each year, millions of people from across the globe enter drug rehab centers. The sad truth is that the majority of them had undergone drug rehabilitation before and then relapsed after a short time. Statistics indicate that one in ten had been to rehab at least five times before.

There are various rehabs that offer different programs and promises for one’s rehabilitation. With a plethora of choices, how can one accurately choose a rehab that fits the needs?

Questions to Ask

For one to make the right choice, here are some questions that one should ask before making his decision.

What are the expected results of the rehabilitation and Insurance addiction treatment ?

There are as many results as there are different programs. There are programs that consider attending meetings or taking a prescribed medication is a success. There are rehab that consider completion of their 28-day program a success while others base their success rate on the percentage of former patients who stay sober and abstinent after they get back home. Other programs include factors such as relationships, morality, employment and such in their success meter. It is best to ask the rehab center how they measure their success and success rate.

What is the length of the Insurance addiction treatment  program?

Most programs offer a 28-day program that entails detoxification and rehabilitation. For most addicts, this length of time is insufficient to achieve established sobriety. Since addiction involves mental and physical damage, most addicts need more time to become firmly sober.

Are there substitute drugs included in the program?

There are drug treatment programs that offer pain killers for addicts recovering from heroin and prescription painkillers. This program is referred to as a harm reduction program wherein the goal is to reduce the harm created through the use of illicit drug use and not for complete sobriety. Rehabs with a pharmaceutical orientation may rely on potentially addicting drugs to ease their patients’ withdrawal symptoms. Other programs focus on the person’s physical health by using minerals, vitamins and a regimen of exercises.

What are the means used for alleviating physical cravings for the illicit substance?

Severe cravings are expected during the initial stages of rehabilitation. Most rehabs offer prescription medications to help suppress cravings and offer counseling and support meetings to help the person deal with cravings. There are programs that offer detoxification, nutritional and other methods that efficiently address an addict’s cravings. This offers a more effective method for a recovering addict to achieve complete sobriety.

Does the program include a nutritional program?

An appropriate nutritional program must be integrated into a drug rehab program. Majority of addicts are in a very poor state of health and nutritional support so his nutritional deficiencies will be addressed. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

Does the program include an aftercare program that teaches recovering addicts life skills to support a sober life?

A recovering person will eventually be presented with stress and influences that might prod him to use again. He must have the necessary skills to deal with these problems and stresses successfully. A great program will have a life skills training program to equip recovering persons when they get back home.

A fitting program should include building up one’s skills in facing problems and stress, and methods of alleviating cravings. A long-term program that addresses a recovering person’s daily approach to stress in life will most likely believe that relapse is not a natural outcome of rehabilitation.

Skin Treatments

Anti Aging Skin Treatments Will Uncover Remarkably Young Healthy Skin

It’s inevitable that we’ll all get older, but with a little luck and skin care products, we should be able to do so gracefully. Increasingly, every day, there are new anti aging skin care treatments on the market that will help with anti aging and rejuvenation. Although the visible signs of age begin to appear commonly around the age of 30 depending on the genetic factors involved and your lifestyle, many of these skin care treatments can help rejuvenate your skin. Some common anti aging skincare treatments include skin care supplements, and external skin creams and lotions that can help reduce signs of aging and assist in the rejuvenation of your skin’s beauty. Supplements are an anti-aging skin care treatment that you take internally, to help in the rejuvenation of your skin’s beauty. These are various minerals, herbs and vitamins that help rejuvenate your skin and reduce wrinkles, dry skin and perhaps even sagging.As the largest organ of your body, your skin is both your protection and your mirror to the world. Therefore, it should be glowing and healthy, to reflect overall good health. Simply put, if you’re healthy and vibrant, it shows on your face.

In addition to the supplements that you take internally and Botox and fillers in New Jersey, it also must do battle with the outside elements, so that the sun, wind and pollution, for example, can make it very difficult to keep healthy. Although young skin rejuvenates quickly and does not show the stress of this exposure to the elements, older skin does not rejuvenate this quickly and begins to show the stress it has undergone. As we age, cell turnover slows and skin wrinkles begin to appear. Skin also begins to lose its elasticity.

Proper anti aging nutrition and Botox and fillers in New Jersey can help with this

To keep your skin healthy at its youthful and radiant best, supply it with as many anti-aging skin care treatments as possible. You need the proper amount of healthy calories that come from a balanced diet, including protein, fruits, vegetables and good fats such as omega-3s, as well as certain vitamins and minerals. In addition, you need adequate water to help flush out toxins and hydrate your skin.

Various nutrients can also affect your skin and hair’s health. Extra-virgin olive oil contains an essential fat called linoleic acid that can help you maintain smooth skin and healthy hair. You should also strive to have a low-fat diet that has just the right amounts of “good” fats, such as the omega-3s contained in fish oil or nuts, such as sunflower seeds, in it to avoid dry and scaly skin. Finally of course, you’ve got to drink enough water, to help flush out toxins and hydrate your skin. You should begin to see healthy results after a few weeks.

Are there skincare products out there that can help me?

There are many anti aging skin care products on the market that help with the anti aging process in many ways. They can help rejuvenate the skin by moisturizing it; as you get older, in general, your skin holds less moisture and can begin to wrinkle, sag and even get blemishes, so these topical moisturizers can certainly help. Some of these anti aging treatment companies add antioxidants purported to help cell deterioration and increase cell turnover, such as topical vitamins A, C, E. and D. This is supposed to help the skin increase in elasticity and also reduce dryness, which makes skin look fresher.

Some topical anti-aging skincare treatments have also been developed in the form of masks or body massage oils.

For best effect, adjust your anti aging skin care treatment to your changing needs, as you get older. If necessary, visit a dermatologist to get some ideas of what you can do if what you have chosen is not working for you or if you need some assistance. More and more anti aging skincare treatments are on the market today, and their technology has greatly advanced. These days, aging skin has a variety of clinical treatments available to it to help you look your best as you age. If topical treatments are not enough, you can choose a more aggressive approach to anti aging treatment. In addition to topical treatments, there’s also chemical and laser peel technology or even cosmetic surgery if necessary.

CBD Pain Relief

How CBD Pain Relief Can Help Your Arthritis

CBD Pain Relief

CBD Pain Relief

There is a huge problem that exists today with the enormous number of people suffering from arthritis in its many forms. It is said that well over half the population of this country who are over 60 suffer from either osteo or rheumatoid arthritis.

What both forms of the disease actually are I will not go into here, as it is a long and complex subject. But, arthritis is a form of inflammation which mainstream medicine appears unable to address.

Both are caused by what I call “bone and cartilage gravel”, the bits of bone and cartilage which are left in the joints after the body has started to degenerate, rubbing in the joints each time it moves. This “gravel” rubs on the nerve ends, causing pain, whilst at the same time creating more damage as the “gravel” continues to rub away more of the bone and cartilage. In other words, a vicious circle that modern medicine cannot resolve.

But there are ways in the alternative remedy field that may, and I know of many cases that have been able to break this circle.

I recommend that a daily Hemp Oil Capsule, or the liquid neat, which is quite tasty, and can be taken off a spoon, should be considered long term. Hemp Oil comes from hemp seed: THE MOST NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE FOOD SOURCE IN THE WORLD.

Taking a quality Hemp Oil is just the same for your body as putting oil in your car’s engine. It lubricates the system. Hemp is unique with an almost perfectly balanced profile of Omega 3, 6 & 9 to match the body’s requirements.

Uniquely among common seed oil and CBD Pain Relief, it also contains GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid) and even more uniquely, raises circulating GLA.

GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid) research around the world has shown that hemp oil (as can all essential fatty acids) boosts the body’s natural ability to heal and also boosts our immune systems. The Essential Fatty Acids in hemp are renowned 

Ability to improve cell growth and organ function, vitality and CBD Pain Relief

Extensive studies have shown that many common illnesses (such as Eczema, Arthritis and many other problems) are related to deficiencies or imbalances of specific fatty acids, and in particular, Omega 3, 6 & 9. Seeds of the plant cannabis sativa, hemp seed (not the drug plant!) contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary to maintain healthy human life. No other single plant source has the essential amino acids in such an easily digestible form, nor has the essential fatty acids in as perfect a ratio to meet human nutritional needs.

Its distinctive nutty flavour makes it ideal for use in salad dressings, dips etc., as an accompaniment to all vegetables, or taken straight, as a nutritional supplement.

The best and safest products available on the market are those in which the hemp is grown in the United States and the oil is produced in a food-grade facility. And, of course, it must be tested by a reliable, third-party facility. If you’re looking for a safe CBD oil product with consistent high-quality and levels of CBD, look for suppliers located in the U.S. who use only U.S. grown hemp. In addition, look for suppliers whose products are thoroughly tested for purity, quality, and cleanliness. And, as an added measure of safety and quality, many of these manufacturers are regulated by state agencies.

As an example of this type of state oversight, CBD manufacturers located in Colorado must register with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Then,they must meet several requirements such as demonstrating that industrial hemp produced in that facility does not contain more than three-tenths of 1 percent of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana that causes one to get high.

When you purchase from suppliers located in Colorado or if your supplier uses other third party organizations that certify that you are buying safe products, you can be assured that CBD products like bath bombs, CBD drops, gummies, gel caps, relief creams, ointments, and more are safe to consume and use.

Georgia rehab

What to Expect from an Georgia rehab

Before joining into any alcohol Georgia rehab, you want to search for certain aspects that alcohol rehab should have. If someone in your family is hooked into alcohol and you’re trying to find honest alcohol rehab, then from the start itself, confirm you recognize what you ought to expect from honest alcohol rehab. Different alcohol rehabs will have different quiet treatments and rules and hence you can’t generalize the format of alcohol rehab by visiting only one or two alcohol rehabs.

You need to see the programs of every of those alcohol rehab centers in minute detail to know how they’re implemented. This also helps you in knowing which type of program you want to use and can be the foremost suitable for the requirements of the patient. These following points will assist you when it involves selecting an honest rehab program.

1. Whichever alcohol Georgia rehab you’re looking; confirm that you simply understand what quite a treatment they’re going to provide. This is often because almost every rehab center features a different quiet program and it becomes essential for you to see that program and confirm that the patient for whom you’re considering the treatment is going to be comfortable with the program. Attempt to understand each and each aspect of the treatment program given by the alcohol rehab center.

2. Confirm that the program is suitable for the requirements of the patient. For this read all the possible information about the rehab on their official website. All the important aspects of the treatment center are going to be mentioned on the websites and hence do read them carefully.

3. Medical care is one example. Know the type of care given at the alcohol rehab as some rehab give 24-hour care while others don’t.

4.  Most alcohol rehabs have detox programs in them but few do not have it and hence confirm the alcohol rehab you’re choosing has it or not.

5. If you’ll not check the alcohol rehab for his or her detox program, then you would possibly need to adjust 

When the Georgia rehab will send you to another center for treatment

6. The alcohol rehab center should even be ready to offer the patient correct aftercare. The aftercare program is additionally equally important because the main treatment and hence it can’t be overlooked.

7. Make certain what quiet medications are going to be given to the patient throughout the treatment process? Some alcohol rehabs offer holistic treatment programs while some follow the normal format. In some alcohol rehabs, the main target is going to be on aromatherapy and acupressure while some will give medications and relaxation therapies. Make it to some extent to understand what the patient will like then select the one which has that sort of treatment option.

8. it’s better to travel for those alcohol rehabs which supply intervention programs. Interventions will guide you through the treatment program and can be a serious help for you and your patient. Not all the alcohol rehabs offer intervention programs and hence choose carefully.

9. it’s better to speak with the interventionist and make a correct plan for your patient and with their guidance things will become smooth for you.

10. Keeping all the above points in mind while choosing the rehab will certainly be beneficial at the end of the day.

The best source to collect this information about the rehab is going to be the web. There is tons of data over the web. You’ll even be ready to read the varied aspects of the alcohol rehab within the websites FAQs section and About US section. You’ll contact them via email or by calling them to understand more about them. If you recognize a specific alcohol rehab in your local area, then make it some extent and visit it before selecting it.

Rehab Nashville

Why Choose Inpatient Drug Rehab Nashville

Why Choose Inpatient Drug Rehab Nashville

Why Choose Inpatient Drug Rehab Nashville

Why Choose Inpatient Drug Rehab Nashville

If you are in need of addiction treatment, an inpatient drug rehab facility is the best option for many who are trying to get clean. Regardless of your addiction, how long you have been addicted, or what drug or alcohol you are trying to stop using, the right facility is going to go a long way in assisting you in your quest to get clean and to learn to live your life without the dependency on drugs or alcohol in your daily lifestyle.

Individual or Group Therapies 

With many inpatient drug Rehab Nashville facilities to choose from, each one utilizes different treatment options. You get to choose between individual and group therapies. Some of the benefits of each include:

– Individual means you get one on one treatment, and the individualized attention some need

– With group therapies you can talk to others, and find out different coping mechanisms when trying to quit

– You decide on the level of care you get, and how much attention you will receive

– It is up to you as to whether you want to talk to a counselor one on one, or whether you prefer the group setting, and having other ideas and people to bounce ideas off of

24 Hour Care Rehab Nashville

With an inpatient facility you are also going to receive around the clock care. If you need a doctor or medical attention immediately, you will have this on site; or, if you simply need to talk to someone at any time of the day, you have it on site. With 24/7 care, and with onsite staff at all times, you are never going to go without, and you will never be lacking in the support system you need, when you do choose this inpatient facility option for the treatment you need to get clean.

Treatment Plans for Anyone & any Addiction

With the best inpatient drug rehab facilities, you also choose your treatment. Some things that make up the best facilities include:

– Around the clock care, by the best doctors, nurses, and highly trained staff

– Your choice of treatment duration (from 1 week, to 1 year, or more)

– A holistic approach to quitting, which outpatient facilities do not provide

– Support systems, and the fact that you are completely removed from temptation and people trying to lead you to make the wrong decisions

– A guaranteed treatment, with support groups, and constant support, even when you complete the stint and duration of the treatment that you come in for

There are quite a few facilities around the US, and worldwide, for those who are trying to get clean, and choose the option of going into an inpatient facility for the care and treatment they need. It is important to compare a few facilities, see what each one has to offer, find the ones that provide the forms of treatment you need, and of course compare the prices each facility charges, so you can find the most affordable, and best inpatient drug rehab treatment, to help cure your addictive behaviors and tendencies.

Drug Addiction Nashville

Drug Addiction Nashville and Recovery Guide

Drug Addiction Nashville and Recovery Guide

Drug Addiction Nashville and Recovery Guide

Drug Addiction Nashville and Recovery Guide

Alcoholism and drug addiction are quite common in today’s society. Some estimates have shown that over twenty percent of the United States population battles with some form of drug addiction, alcoholism or substance abuse problem

Drug addiction and alcoholism bring only destruction, sorrow, and pain, it affects not only the addict, but also the people in his/her life. Hurting friends and family, drug addiction also permeates professional settings. Employees with drug addiction or alcohol dependency problems hurt businesses and create aggravating and possibly unsafe work environments.

Many untrue myths on the origins of drug addiction and alcoholism continue to circulate. Some attempt to pinpoint the social groups most affected. Others attempt to recognize drug addiction and alcoholism as an illness or a moral defect. These falsehoods perpetuate unnecessary confusion, fear, and shame. Drug addiction or alcoholism does not appear in any particular component of society. It affects every socio-economic class, ethnicity, and gender. There is no reason to label drug addicts with untrue stereotypes, and there is no need to fear them. At some point everyone struggles with life’s hurdles and needs help from others. Drug Addiction Nashville and alcoholics are no different from anyone else. No one chooses drug addiction or alcoholism; rather, drug addiction and alcoholism steals from him/her.

How Can Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction Be Identified?

Drug Addiction Nashville carries warning signs with them. Some of these are listed below:

* Red or dilated eyes

* Slurred speech

* Cold or sweaty hands

* Difficulties concentrating

* Moody, impatient, dangerous, and/or violent behavior

* Extreme periods of energy (e.g., constant talking) and/or fatigue

* Paranoia

* Sudden or decreasing disregard in personal appearance or hygiene

* Sudden change in friends

* Dishonesty

* Depression

Well over half of drug users work, and two out of five have taken an illicit drug at their work site. Unsurprisingly, almost half of work related accidents involve drug addiction or alcoholism. Substance abuse, drug addiction and alcoholism on the job manifests in many ways:

* Decreases the quality and/or speed of work.

* Constant absences and/or tardiness (especially right before a weekend or holiday break and right after payday): Researchers find that drugs cause over sixty percent of work absences.

* Often leaving work early

* Lengthening breaks

* Talking more on the phone

* Stealing company supplies and/or profits

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction are treatable. The question is ,why do so many recovering addicts return to the same behaviors? Posing a severe problem in and of itself, addiction rarely develops on its own. Drug addiction and substance abuse most often result from inadequate coping of conscious and unconscious issues. Problems stem from unresolved childhood traumas and personal issues. Dependency, denial merely enlarges the initial denial. Substance abusers require extensive patience, compassion, and sensitivity to treat and to heal. For this reason, addicts may need constant encouragement to pursue addiction treatment options and drug rehab.

Important Tips For Great Dental Health

You have been taught that dental health has to do only with your teeth. You have been taught to see health in your mouth as separate from your general health. You have been taught that dental health is achieved by the use of a toothbrush (and regular check-ups) to the extent that parents see it as a sacred duty to get on to their children incessantly to brush their teeth.

What Your Dental Health Says About Your Body This has become the bedtime norm in most homes. Yet is it the “great fake”. You have been, albeit unwittingly, induced to invest your power in a product and in what others can do for you while giving up your own personal power. This is the situation that I seek to rectify. I would return the power where it belongs, – I would return the power to you.

Your dental health has very little to do with your teeth?

This sounds like a ridiculous statement but wait a little and consider this. What if I told you that the state of repair of your car has nothing to do with the car? You will not argue here seeing that the car cannot fix or clean itself. So the state of repair of your car depends on what you, the owner, do with it. In the same way, leaving genetic defects aside, the state of repair of your mouth has to do with the owner’s use or otherwise of it. Now the notion can make sense. Your dental health has little to do with your teeth.

Let’s keep the car analogy going a while longer. If I told you that cleaning your car is all you need to do to keep it in good repair, you would be quick to point out that cleaning will not service the engine, change the sparkplugs or change the oil for you. No more will it prevent the damage of reckless or careless driving. Cleaning is relatively important for its own sake but it cannot and could never be expected to maintain the vehicle of itself.

What Your Dental Health Says About Your Body?

Why should you then believe that using a toothbrush alone will maintain the health of your mouth? Yet so many people do believe this and the notion is rarely if ever challenged in health awareness campaigns. You are given the impression that if you brush your teeth and visit your dentist regularly you can expect that you will never suffer any disease in the mouth. This is simply not true! Attending a dentist or doctor regularly may help you to spot signs of disease earlier but it will not prevent you from contracting disease. Yet the notion persists.

So many people still say in all sincerity to me “I just can’t understand how I could have a cavity. I had a check-up 6 months ago.” Another common one is “I can’t possibly have a cavity, I brush my teeth four or five times daily”. These people in all genuineness have placed their faith in brushing (and check-ups) as the answer to all dental ills. And they are often distressed and bewildered to find that their faith was misplaced. Is it any wonder that they end up blaming their dentist for their woes. Imagine the sheer frustration of finding yourself in trouble despite your firm belief that you are ‘doing everything right’.

The Mouth is the Mirror of your Body… your Body the Mirror of your Mind

This seems a very large statement indeed, yet within these few words is your power returned to you. As you begin to see in this new light and begin to understand the very nature of disease, you reclaim your power and make new choices that will serve you better by allowing you to prevent disease not only in the mouth but in your body as well. We begin by bringing some light to the darkness of the unconscious mind and from there we will follow a clear path to the mouth and the manifestations of dental disease. With each step the light gets brighter and soon we see the whole body and its health issues simply as reflections of those we have seen in the mouth. In this way, general health and dental health are established as one and the same thing. This is the true spirit of wholism.

The Gentle Light Of Understanding

In the gentle light of understanding, we recognise, probably for the first time, established childhood patterns of fear-based belief (mind) as the primary source of our discontent and disease. These notions and beliefs give rise to the emotional stress of our lives. This stress is then shown to be the supporting matrix of our negative habits and behaviours. While our current methods for dealing with problem habits and behaviours are seen clearly for the abject failures that they are (and must continue to be) our new found wisdom and understanding allows us to create a clear map to excellent health of mind and body.