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How to initiate sex without feeling suspicious

We teach you how to stay cool when things get hot

Whether you’re with a potential one-night-stand or a steady partner, it can be difficult to initiate sex. Even if you feel that your initiative will be well received, sometimes it is not clear how you can take the first step without sounding suspicious, without pressuring the person or risking rejection. (It’s worth mentioning here that rejection isn’t the end of the world, really!)

Sex educator Flinn Ripple said many people don’t have the emotional intelligence and understanding to initiate sex the right way. “Everyone has issues with sexuality, and that can lead to fear, inadequate language to describe what we feel and ask for what we want,” Ripple said.

But it’s not necessarily a bad thing to feel a little uncomfortable when we want to take the first step. Cyndi Darnell, sex therapist and author of Sex When You Don’t Feel Like It: The Truth About Mismatched Libido and Rediscovering Desire, said it’s normal to feel at least a little weird when you initiate sex. If you don’t feel weird, it probably means you’re not thinking about the other person’s reaction at all. And that’s not good, especially if you want to have sex with her

Ok, so how do you initiate sex?

First, talk about sex outside the bedroom

Many people think that sex happens by itself. But Darnell said it’s helpful to talk to your potential partner about what turns you on and what your expectations are. This reduces the risk of you violating certain boundaries, being confused or hurting each other.

“Whether you’re having sex with someone for the first time or with a more established partner, it’s important to know what the other person wants and what you want in order to build an exciting dynamic,” Darnell said.

For example, Ripple explained that maybe you want wilder sex and your partner wants tender sex to feel safe and connected with you.

In order not to create confusion, it is good to ask a few questions: In what state are you at the moment? Do you like soft or harder sex? Do you want a one-night-stand, a fuck buddy or a relationship? Are there things you’d like to try and things that don’t appeal to you at all?

It sets the mood before sex

Create the right atmosphere for you to take the first step. Ripple says this requires awakening your partner’s senses. Maybe you want to dim the lights in the room, light some candles, play some sexy music. It’s a good idea to get your laptop off the bed and put your phone on silent so your partner isn’t distracted before you start.

But none of that matters if the timing is bad. If your partner is stressed or tired or busy with some task, it’s probably not the right time to initiate sex. Even if it does, it will probably be on the run and you won’t be able to enjoy it.

Read your partner’s body language

Darnell advises you to pay attention to body language, which gives you signals that your partner may not verbalize.

If your partner smiles, makes eye contact, and mimics your behaviour, that’s good. But you should also pay attention to other cues, like if your partner seems disinterested, withdraws, or doesn’t make eye contact.

You can try prolonged eye contact, a hand on the forearm or thigh, or some kisses on the neck.

Be direct and understanding, but don’t put pressure on your partner

When initiating sex, many people fear that they will cross some boundaries … read more

These shady dating stories will have you hooked

A Tinder guy stayed at my place for two weeks…in hindsight he probably had nowhere to stay and wasn’t actually avoiding the Russian mafia.

I can’t decide if dating is the funniest or the shittiest thing. I’ll probably never figure it out. It doesn’t matter anyway. You can’t escape dating. There are of course differences between first dates, second dates, one night stands, “date night”, Tinder or Hinge dates. They all smell different. But the premise is the same.

The fear and dread of meeting a stranger is a universal sacrifice we make in the pursuit of what we want, whether it’s love or a one-night stand. The latter can be – shockingly – even difficult to find.

But that’s it, we all know why we’re here.

My worst encounter was in front of the library. I was making out with a guy because I wasn’t sure I wanted to go home with him yet. His hands were on my chest and I was thinking it was a bit much for a public cuddle. That was before I realized I was buttoning up my blouse, which I had sensibly unbuttoned – or so I thought – just enough to show a bit of my lace bra. I asked him what the hell he was doing to which he replied “You shouldn’t be showing so much skin”.

In the bold realm of things, that wasn’t so bad either. People are weird.

Other people have had far worse experiences, and often the only consolation prize is the story itself. At VICE, we love stories. So we asked a few people to share theirs with us.


A guy came over to spend the night at my place and we were relatively ok, apart from the fact that he also PISSED THE BED on me during the night. I thought I was sweating until I realized what had happened when I asked him if he peed the bed or not. He didn’t even seem surprised, all he said was: ah, damn…

We had to take apart the whole bed and wash the sheets and throw away my expensive mattress topper. I LATER LEARNED through acquaintances that I wasn’t the first and that they knew of at least two other times he peed on him while he was sleeping.


I went on a date with a guy a while ago and it was the WORST date. Here are some of the red flags we ignored.

  • He didn’t have any money, so I paid for everything.
  • He had a whiskey AND a beer while I had a beer.
  • We accidentally met some of his friends and he didn’t introduce me. They ignored me for two hours while they
  • talked about heavy stuff that I couldn’t get into.
  • He invited me to his place to do ketamine. I agreed because I NEEDED it since the date was going so badly.
  • When I refused his request for sex, he said it’s ok, then I’m going to fuck myself.
  • He did his paw while I was standing there in the K-hole.
  • He fell asleep as soon as he let go and as he fell asleep he let out the loudest, most disgusting fart.
  • In the end I left, disgusted with him, but mostly with myself for not leaving sooner.


There are so many! I went on five dates on Hinge in seven days. I think I’m actually everyone else’s Hinge data nightmare. My worst Hinge date was when I was matched with a guy I knew wouldn’t like me and had a fight with on … read more

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Dog Grooming Clippers

Even if you’ve never used dog grooming clippers, you can learn to use them and save a lot of money over taking your dog to the groomer every few weeks. Dogs with short or thin fur are easiest to groom at home. To get started you’ll need dog grooming clippers, scissors, a dog brush, and a leash. Ideally, the scissors should be reserved just for dog grooming. The dog hair clippers should be those made for animals only because the clippers used on people aren’t sturdy enough to stand up to dog hair, which is coarser, and which there’s more of. You can have detailed info from a vet tech who deals with such equipment’s every day. Here’s how you can choose vet tech as a career.

Dog grooming clippers can be found at pet specialty stores and some general retailers. A dog who has thick, long, or curly hair will be more difficult to groom at home. With these dogs, expect your grooming to be more utilitarian than chic. But grooming your dog at home can benefit more than just your wallet. Some dogs are afraid of groomers and find the experience very stressful. Grooming these dogs at home should be easier on a high-strung dog or one who is easily intimidated.

Prices for dog grooming clippers start at around US$35 and go up to around US$200. Clippers may be limited to a single clipping speed, or they may have two speeds. Generally speaking, the less hair you’ll be dealing with, the less robust your clippers have to be. So, for example, a small dog with fine, thin hair may do fine being groomed with a relatively inexpensive one-speed grooming clipper. But a large dog with thick coarse hair will probably warrant a more heavy duty two-speed clipper.

Other aspects of dog hair clippers that you should consider are whether they are cordless and rechargeable, or corded. Again, with a large dog that you’ll be moving around to do a thorough job clipping, a cordless (more expensive) set will probably save you some aggravation. You will also need to consider how easy it is to change blades on your clipper. Coarse dog hair can dull clipper blades fairly rapidly, so you’ll need to be prepared to put on a clean blade when the old one goes dull. Noise is yet another factor to consider, and this will depend on your own tolerance for noise and how nervous or highly strung your dog is around noises.

When you first start out using dog grooming clippers, you don’t want your expectations to be too high. Chances are you’ll be giving your dog a simple, practical cut rather than styling him like a professional would. Then again, if you do a beautiful job first time out, maybe you should consider a career change! Most people who groom their dogs themselves accept that they’re trying to make their dog clean and comfortable, not ready for the show ring. But even if you only use dog grooming clippers to maintain your dog’s hair and send him to the groomer every six months or so for a complete workover, you can save hundreds of dollars.

There’s a reason dogs are referred to as “man’s best friend,” and most people want their pet to be clean, comfortable, and part of the family. There are plenty of expenses in having a dog as a pet, and grooming is one of them that can really add up. But if you take the time to choose a good set of dog hair clippers and learn to use them … read more